Simple Steps to Install Android 11 Beta | Android 11 New Features

By | June 13, 2020

The latest iteration of Android that is the Android 11 public beta is out and in this artificial. I am going to explain you how to install it and what its best features.Android 11 beta right now this list may change later to install Android lemon on your device all you need is one of the phones that you just saw on screen and a working internet connection please don’t install this on your primary smartphone and make sure that you’ve taken a complete a backup of your device.

Android 11 public beta

Beta software is unstable and you don’t want to end up without crucial features that you use every day all right and now . Let’s get started on your pixels smartphone visit the Android beta program page and sign in with the same Google ID with which your phone is configured the link to the Android beta page is on your screens right now after you’ve signed in scroll down to check if your device is eligible for the new update if it is then it will show up.

Under your eligible devices now all you have to do is to go to settings on your phone and check for the update manually. Google says that the updates aren’t always available immediately and it take up to 24 hours for the update.To arrive for your device so after checking the Android beta page if you still haven’t received the update Google says that make sure that your device is connected to the Internet and then you can go back to settings and check for the system updates now let’s install and setup the latest beta version of Android 11 and see what all new features we’ve got here.

Android 11  beta

So the update for my pixel to excel is installed and now all I need to do is restart my device to apply the new update.let’s talk about some of the new things that I noticed in Android 11 beta first and foremost new visual animations. As you can see the device wallpaper now assumes or whenever the notification shade is pulled down next up Do Not Disturb has been improved there are options that let you select which people can bypass DND on your phone and contact.

You then app extensions let you add the apps that can interrupt during DND mode is on besides you also get advanced settings that let you have title control on your device when DND is turned on moving on there are darker elements in the UI as you can see this is the settings menu in the old developer preview and now. I’ll show you the new one you can see there are dark icons in this new build apart from this elements on the home screen are also darker in comparison to the old version next Android 11. Can show you multiple media playback apps at once in the notification shade and to make this a lot better when you go to developer options you’ll find a media resumption.

Go ahead and enable that with this enable you’ll get a compact view of the media playback app that’s active moreover expanding the notification shade will let you switch between the media playback apps with just a swipe apart from this Android 11 also brings improved privacy controls there’s one time permission upon selecting this a user will temporarily give one-time permission to the app additionally messaging apps on Android 11 will now get dedicated space in the notification shade under conversations not to mention.Google has also introduced charge bubbles and messages which is something similar to Facebook’s implementation in messenger .

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